is a website marketplace with a twist. All websites for sale on this site are owned by us !

When we find a potential website/business that we want to list on, we conduct extensive due diligence on the website/business, and go ahead and acquire those businesses that pass our intense scrutiny !

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You can rely on us ! We have built a strong reputation of following through and going all the way with our after-sales service.

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We take each website through a detailed due diligence process before acquiring it, adding it to our portfolio and nurturing it.

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Every single website is meticulously nurtured and taken care of by our team of Technical, SEO and Social Media experts , so that it is fully ready for you to take over.

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Every website has the SiteBuyr seal-of-approval. We are here to build a rock-solid business for you and are more than happy to continue helping you.

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SiteBuyr has new and established websites and domains on offer. All of these properties are on sale via auctions. You can bid for these websites or directly “Buy It Now” and make sure the site is yours !

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While we have been developing and nurturing websites for a few years now and have quite a few happy customers , we launched SiteBuyr recently. Having realized that the effort involved in assessing and evaluating a website or online business before buying it is significant enough to deter most really-really-interested-but-busy investors, we decided to take this on ourselves.

Basically, the problem we set ourselves to solve was: how do we eliminate the sense of fear associated with buying an online business or website ? Most buyers dread getting scammed even after thorough due diligence – this fear actually prevents one from buying many a worthy site. has the solution to this problem !

We buy a site, take it over, clean it up, nurture it with a healthy dose of TLC, make it as low-maintenance as possible, streamline tracking, enhance search engine optimization (SEO), refine the social media strategy and when we reach a stage where we are proud to be associated with that site; so confident that we can stake our reputation on it, we offer it for sale to other buyers with our seal-of-approval.

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