How to earn money from an Open Source Website?

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 How to earn money from an Open Source Website?

Maintaining a website is as exhausting as developing it. Getting particular number of hits in a defined period is no easy task. Why is this specific number of hits necessary? The plain answer is to earn money. The conventional way a website can do that is by increasing the number of visitors. Search engine optimization, quality of content and cosmetics of website do attract visitors. You can then wait for someone to notice that increased count and come to you with ads. Chances are your ad column will remain blank this way.

Is it that tough to earn money from an open source website? Well, it is difficult, but in no way impossible. Some obvious tricks help you allure more netizens and earn money.

Play the game, earn the name.
Contests, quizzes, fun games do attract net surfers. Simple, easy to play games are popular on World Wide Web. Exciting prizes for winning contestants will drive target audience to your website. Induce them to play the games, invite them to your website and take home the advantage. Do not bother about prizes if you can get an advertiser to ad with a game. To publicise the company, many companies give prizes for free with their advertisement.

Variety of games, Variety of visitors
There can be a lot of variety in these contests. Quizzes based on popular topics like current affairs, movies and sports get visitors’ attention easily. Photo games like ‘identify the personality from the photo and win exciting prizes’ will help you to gain attention for the website. Popping games like ‘calculate the number phones popping in the box’ can easily get you more clicks.

A wise choice-Place it right
The place your game appears is the key to attract the visitors. Take help of external links. Link to the game should be placed on the websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google that have maximum traffic. You may need to spend some money but it will definitely make an impact on traffic. Famous blogs, frequently visited websites should be choices for promoting your game.

How to make money then?
Only gaining audience for the website doesn’t earn you money. You should take advantage of the higher hits to invite more clients for advertising. Find out the companies/websites having most of the customers online. Invite them to publish an advertisement on your website. If you can afford, give them some cheaper offers. A short-term concession is bound to increase your overall revenue.

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