How to get your Website indexed in Google?

googleFrom individuals to Start ups to big business organizations, everybody prefers websites as a medium to connect with their customers. But the question is do they reach to the right people? Many surveys believe that most of them may not be very successful in it. They create a website with good content and creative design; still, the website doesn’t get expected views. There are simple methods to overcome the scenario such as indexing your website in Google.

First of all, be ready with a complete website. Your website should not have broken links. Check the content of the website. Next step is the selection of keywords according to your content. It should be similar with name of the important content on the website. It will help your website to rank high on Google.

Create the site map of your website. It will be in .xml format. It will store all the URLs of your web pages. You can access the web pages on the site map online or offline by using various tools. Site map provides number of statistics. It helps you to understand how many times your website was searched on Google.

Next thing you must do while indexing your website to Google is using website root directory. Website root directory is a folder where you upload or save all website related files. Upload the site map in the web directory. It will be easy to search your content while looking for the site map.

It is important to add your website to Google Webster support, tools. You can do it by using regular Google accounts. Add your website to the Webster by providing your website’s URL. It is important to add site map to the Google Webster. Provide your site map’s URL on asked places. You should categorize your website map by selecting the options. Make sure that you have selected right options about your website map. Finally add your website’s sitemap to the Google Webster.

You will have to wait for few days for the response. Your website will get indexed by Google soon if you follow the above mentioned process. It will help you to increase the traffic of your website.