Okay, So you are ready to buy your first website ?

Magnifying glassYou have heard a lot of stories about entrepreneurs who have made their millions online , sitting at home, working after-hours in a small garage and are now ready to grab a piece of this pie by buying a website.

So what do you think is the best way to start off ?

Some might say buying a low-end website for anything between $25 to $200 might be a good way to start. You can play around with it, fiddle with it and re-sell it for $300.

But, in terms of sheer effort,  is the amount of hours that you would put in to maintain a low-end website very different from the amount of effort that you would invest in say, a $2000 website ? Would it be 10-times more difficult to maintain a $2000 website ?

Sure, the stakes would be lower with a cheaper site, one might argue – but on the other hand, one might be better off with a revenue-generating $2000 site , because the latter at least ensures it maintains itself with some monthly returns while you are holding it.

Over to you – what are your thoughts ?




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