Want to sell a website ? Prepare , Prepare , Prepare

SEO buttons on the keyboardHere’s a super-simple , no-brainer list of things that one needs to bear in mind before putting a website for sale.

Like I said earlier- Prepare ,Prepare , Prepare – needs to be your mantra :-)

1. Analytics:

Get a Google Analytics account as soon as you set up your site / purchase it. For medium-end sites , most buyers like to see historical details for at least 6-8 months. If you have any spikes / drop in your traffic – or there have been frequent spurts , share the reasonsĀ  for these changes proactively. No one likes to buy a site that doesn’t have predictable traffic.

Tip: Create a separate analytics account that you can simply handover to your buyer. That makes it easy for the buyer if he / she intends to flip it again, else all of the earlier history is lost or spread across different GA accounts.

2. Social Media Presence :

Never undermine the value of having a dedicated audience that is tuned in to your messages – whether via Twitter , Facebook , any other social networking tool. Having a loyal fan following however small or big is a huge asset and increases the value of your site dramatically.

This can’t happen overnight just before you put up your site for sale, so spend a few minutes everyday , diligently to build your presence in the social networking world.

3. Page Rank/ Alexa Rank / Backlinks :

These are just some of the parameters that a buyer would use to evaluate your site – again, you will need to set aside some time everyday to optimize your site for your target audience. And yes, you will need to read up on that dreaded word “SEO“…

4. Revenue :

Last but not the least, a site that has some source of generating revenue, however miniscule, is worth far far more than a beautiful site that has not made any money at all. Even a loss-making site is worth more than one that has not made any money !!

This list is in no way complete – so I would love to hear from you about what I may have missed. Over to you …





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