Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What due diligence do you perform on sites that you acquire ?

Answer: We perform extensive investigation into all aspects of the site including (but not restricted to) :

  • Traffic analysis
  • Google indexed pages, Google Page Rank, Google Adsense Ban check,
  • Google Analytics
  • Keyword analysis
  • Revenue verification, Adsense verification
  • Owner identity establishment
  • Effort to maintain and grow the site
  • Market potential and market standing of the site in the relevant market
  • Social media impact of the site/brand

Question: How long do you hold onto a site before you sell it on this marketplace ?

Answer: We don’t follow a rule, but we normally will not sell a site till we have had a chance to clean up various aspects of the business, such as support forums, payment workflows and design aspects (where relevant). If a site is on sale on, you can be rest assured that we have owned the site for a minimum of 1 month, but usually much longer.

Question: Are the prices mentioned for your website negotiable ?

Answer: Not usually, but if you have a serious offer to make, please drop a note to [email protected] and we would be happy to consider it and get back to you.

Question: I have some more questions about a website I am interested in. Can I talk to someone ?

Answer: Of course, please let us know your contact details ( at [email protected]) and we would love to chat with you over Skype or via a phone call.

Question: How long do you take to conduct your due diligence on my site if I want to sell to you ?

Answer: That entirely depends on the level of access you provide us to your site and its workings, but usually we complete our due diligence in 1 week, but can go to around 3 weeks if the business is complex and needs a thorough check. We usually undertake the checks via screen share sessions with your representatives, and also perform offline checks using publicly available tools.