DailyTool.Com Steady PR2 , 8 Year-Old Aged Domain, Mobile Apps Blog

DailyTool.Com is a PR2 site with an 8-year-old domain. In its current form, the website is a blog about Mobile Apps but it can be easily extended to other products as well.

Blog posts are sourced from guest authors for free. You can choose to monetize it using AdSense or via Paid App Reviews.

12000 Unique Visits per month
30% US Traffic

Site URL : http://dailytool.com/
Google Page Rank 2
Alexa Rank 807525

Site Established Date June 2005

Technical Details
WordPress Site with a Review Theme

Sale Includes
Domain: Domain name ( http://dailytool.com ) pushed to any GoDaddy.com account
Social Media : Active Twitter and Facebook Account
Hosting: 3 Months Free Hosting at current level, on our hosting server. We will help you transfer the site to your server too – so you don’t need to worry about that

Google Analytics Account

Password account: All passwords will be setup in a single account, so you have a single place to manage all the related passwords for this site.

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